Speciality coffee for events big and small.
World class coffee, anywhere in the UK.

About The Coffee Vagabond

Founded originally in 2011; The Coffee Vagabond has brought great coffee to a wide array of events. Be it weddings, trade shows, conventions, festivals or concerts, good coffee is always popular.

Working with our suppliers, we can fulfill the needs of any event.

Mobile doesn't mean comprimising on quality or experience. Everything you can expect from your local speciality coffee shop is in our repitoire.

Get us at your event

With any event, our goal is to provide a quality focused product and support the event's success by our participation. We are always happy to discuss adapting our menu to suit your needs, and have a tried and tested track record with a broad array of events.

Booking is simple, pop an e-mail to enquiries​


At the heart of why The Coffee Vagabond was started is a love of sharing great coffee. We offer on site training for your staff to ensure that your business becomes known for reliable, great coffee.

The key to great coffee is good, consistent methodolgy. We come and introduce your staff to a clear way to get the best out of the equipment and beans you've already invested in.

If you've not gotten that far yet we can also recommend suppliers from our experience who would suit your business needs, consult on the best way to set up your bar and even help develop your drinks menu to offer everything your customers may desire.